Hair loss is a natural daily occurrence. Every hair on your head adheres to a genetically programmed schedule that includes growth, resting and shedding. On the average, 50 to 150 hairs are lost each day, but most hair regrows because the follicle remains. When shedding significantly exceeds growth, baldness occurs.

In 95% of patients, hair loss is inherited. Specifically, it’s the genetic coding that hair follicles receive during formation in the womb. These hair loss genes make certain hair follicles sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone,or DHT. When this link is made, the follicle begins to shrink. It’s first noticed as thinning hair, since the hair follicle begins producing only a very thin, short hair. Eventually the hair follicle dies and permanent baldness occurs. High levels of stress have been known to cause some hair loss, but it is usually temporary. Autoimmune disease, the use of certain drugs, illness and severe nutritional deficiency may also cause hair loss or promote early male pattern baldness. Trauma to the head accompanied by scarring can cause permanent damage to hair follicles. Even tight hairdos like braids can create tension that can inflame hair follicles, destroying them and stopping hair growth. But 95% of the time it is genetic.

Stages of Hair Loss

Hair loss occurs over a period of time in stages. In the preliminary stages, for the male, the hair recedes at the temples and in the crown. This can happen slowly over a period of decades or very quickly in just a few years. In some the loss stops suddenly or slows to a particular point. In others the loss continues until just a fringe of hair at the base of the back of the head remains. The various different stages of hair loss were categorized by a physician named Otar Norwood. Our physicians will help you to determine which loss stage you currently represent and develop a treatment plan to restore your hair.

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