The Difference between the $2 Graft and Sword & Dauer

Their group typically recommends a minimum of 2,000 grafts whether you need it or not so they can get a minimum of $4000.

Their independent contractor or counselor sells the concept of the procedure, say that the doctor doesn’t make the difference, you don’t need to meet or know the doctor.

The doctor is paid 20-25 percent of the gross. It is not his office, not his equipment, not his practice or even his patients. The buck doesn’t stop with him, he’s gone.

The techs are per-diem, they’re paid per case regardless of how much time the case takes. Their attitude is to do the case as fast as they can. What kind of quality are you getting?

Techs are independent contractors from different offices looking for additional work. They never have worked together as a team or even known each other. No pride of ownership. No constant supervision or quality control. These offices are rented for the day, so there’s no uniformity of equipment or supplies. Most offices are not specifically set up for hair transplants but are used for general surgery and dermatology. We have no minimum, recommend what you need and where you need it, and work within your budget. We take pride in an ethical approach.

We have no minimum, recommend what you need and where you need it, and work within your budget. We take pride in an ethical approach.

Patients are fully educated on their options and offered different treatment plans. The doctor does make all the difference. Most of the time the patient gets to meet and have a personal assessment with the doctor prior to the procedure.

SMC has been incorporated for over 18 years. It is my office, my equipment, my employees, my medical practice. And the buck stops with us!

The techs are full-time employees with full benefits and loyalty. Most have worked with SMC for many years.


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Marc Dauer, MD and Randall Sword, MD provide professional hair transplant and restoration and eyebrow hair transplantion, using follicular unit transpantaton.
Offices are located in Torrance and Beverly Hills, California and serve the Los Angeles and South Baysareas, including Santa Monica, West Hollywood,
West Los Angeles, Culver City, Brentwood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Palos Verdes, Torrance, Hermosa Beach,Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Malibu,
and beyond. Dr. Dauer and Dr. Sword are board certified and members of the prestigious International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeon. our hair restoration center
focuses on naturaland long lasting results for people suffering from hair loss. For hair restoration, hair transplants, Los Angeles hair loss treatments, eyebrow restoration,
sideburns, treatment for male pattern baldness, and treatment for female pattern baldness, transplantaton for scarring, Drs. Dauer and Sword are experienced hair
restoration specialists. provides expert information about hair transplantation and hair loss in men and women.

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