What is the Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery

Surgical hair transplantation is not only the sole natural and permanent solution to hair loss, it can (over time) be the most cost-effective. Ongoing preventative treatments (Propecia, Rogaine, Lasers,) provide, at best, a slowing of hair loss and thinning and continued use is required. In a few short years, the cost for these remedies can exceed the cost of surgery, and the results from preventative options can never match results of just one surgical procedure. In large part, this is why more and more men and women consider surgical hair transplantation not only their restoration plan but also their only preventative measure.

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of surgery, but broken down simply, the number of grafts chosen determines the cost. Surgical hair transplantation (as an industry) charges by the graft, so the total number of grafts a patient chooses is simply multiplied by the price-per-graft.

Choosing the right doctor and determining the appropriate number of grafts are the first steps. Here are the considerations for determining the right number of grafts for you:

Are you a candidate for surgery?

First and foremost, you must be a candidate for surgical hair transplantation. Most men and women are, but there rare forms of hair loss (Areata Alopecia, for example) that can eliminate an individual from being a candidate. Certain men and women just naturally have insufficient hair quality and hairs-per-inch that don’t quite equal the minimum requirement for surgery to be an option. But again, the vast majority of men and women of all ages are candidates for this procedure.

What is your current hair loss classification?

Male pattern hair loss is classified in one of seven “Classes.” Most of us begin at a Class 1 when we’re very young, and some, but not most, of us can reach a Class 7 in our adulthood. Obviously, the greater the hair loss (the higher the Class number), the more thinning and baldness have already occurred. This translates into a larger area for hair transplants to cover. Generally, the younger we are as our Class number rises, the more significant our hair loss is over time. For example, a 22 year old man who is already at a Class 5 can count on being a Class 6 or Class 7 by age 30 if no hair restoration plan is put into action.

What’s your supply and demand ratio?

Surgical hair transplantation, in large part, is economics… it’s math. We evaluate your “demand” (how much hair is required to fill your areas of thinning and loss) and we evaluate your “supply” (your “donor area,” the expanse of hair-bearing skin at the back of the head, from ear to ear). If your supply equals your demand and you have realistic expectations. One procedure can generally provide you with the results you are looking for. If, however, your demand outweighs your supply, we then decide the best course of action: spread the grafts over the entire area, maximize density in one specific area, count on multiple procedures to yield the overall result you’re hoping for, etc.

What is the quality of your hair?

The quality of your hair and your hair type are important factors and are a big part of the overall density you will realize following a procedure. Since physiologically there are standards that apply to all of us (the maximum number of graft-incisions that can be made in a square inch of scalp), the quality and type of hair we transplant will be that which determines the cosmetic density we can achieve. For example, if in a square inch we can make 200 incisions… the spacing is equal in Patient A, Patient B and Patient C. If Patient A has thin, lifeless hair… Patient B has thick, firm hair… and Patient C has thick, curly hair… each one will have a distinctly different result, and the density will be the greatest with Patient C. And this difference can be significant. So again, the quality of the hair we transplant (the donor hair) is a crucial piece of the overall puzzle.

What are your personal goals?

Once we’ve determined the minimums and maximums of a surgical procedure, the ultimate decision rests with you. What are you hoping to accomplish with a procedure? What areas of the scalp (regardless of what we determine to be areas of “need”) would you like to focus on? We’ll make recommendations. We’ll let you know what is possible and what isn’t. We’ll offer suggestions for short-term and long-term considerations. But the choice is yours, and it is our goal to achieve the results you are looking for.

Choosing the right doctor – the first time.

Without a doubt, the most important decision you must make is choosing the right doctor. It is the doctor’s experience, artistry, skill, knowledge, understanding and compassion that will ultimately determine whether your surgical experience is a success or a failure. Price-per-graft, number of grafts, supply and demand, quality of hair… these are all important, but if surgically your procedure doesn’t meet your expectations, you will be looking at another procedure just to repair what’s already been done. That’s an expensive, time-consuming and frustrating result of making the wrong choice. In essence, choosing the right doctor, the first time, insures not only the best possible results but also the lowest overall cost.

The average price for our procedures is about $7000 but we regularly have procedures of just $5000 and frequently have procedures of more than $10,000. Patients can choose to finance their procedure.  At times, we offer pricing concessions, free grafts and discounts on specific surgical days, which can reduce your total cost quite substantially – give us a call to find out more. At Sword & Dauer our one fee is all-inclusive. Everything you’ll need pre-operatively, operatively and post-operatively is provided to you and factored into our one price.

And since a lot of our patients come to us from out of town we offer a travel incentive and can assist you in planning your stay in Southern California.

Once you’ve decided that surgical hair transplantation is right for you and you’ve come to realize that Sword & Dauer Hair Restoration is the best possible choice for hair restoration, we’ll do our best to make sure that finances don’t stand in the way of you receiving the treatment plan you’re looking for.

So what is the cost?

Let’s assume you’ve chosen the right surgeon, then considering the answers to the above six questions (assessing your hair, determining your hair loss classification and anticipating your future loss potential), we can outline a customized treatment plan for you. This, again, will determine the cost – based on a price-per-graft basis.

The next question you should ask yourself is “What will it mean to you?” For most of us, hair restoration is extremely important. We’ve spent years thinking about it, we’ve read everything we could find out about it and we know when it’s time to do something about it.?


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